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Who Does Tilda Appeal To?

According to readers and bloggers – Tilda Pinkerton is written in a wonderfully lyrical way.

Pish Posh says the book will appeal to fans of Dr. Seuss, Star Trek, Matilda Wormwood, and Harry Potter!

Every character’s name is a verbal play on their personalities.

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Quinn, for example, is Quinn Quisquilious, who works with rubbish to create new things.
Belinda Balletomania is just that – obsessed with ballet.
And of course Aaron Arachnophobia is the spider desperately afraid of himself.

Discovering the meaning of all the names is a fun activity to do with young readers.

There is a list of other Games and Classroom Activities on the Tilda book website.

Read the beginning of Tilda Pinkerton

I’ve had some friends of mine shocked that I wrote Tilda. I was shocked that they were shocked!

When I asked them what ever did they mean – they said they were expecting another road trip movie or chick flick, they had no idea they were about to read something so imaginative and fun.


I get such a kick out of that.

Then I’ve heard  OMG you wrote this with the mouth on the floor – it’s so good. I wasn’t expecting to go to another world. It is so fun and entertaining! 

I heard another friend this morning say something very similar and it just makes me laugh.

Of course it’s fun!

So, inspired by my friends and so you too can see how Tilda is very different than anything I’ve ever written – you can download and read for free the first two chapters.

It’s easy. Just sign up for Tilda’s Updates – that will come out every month or so – and after you confirm your subscription, the first email you get will have the first two chapters along with a list of all the awesome characters that I love so much.

I’d love to hear who your favorite characters are!

Please leave a comment and let me know!



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