Unboxing Tilda Pinkerton

Have you ever done an unboxing video? Do you know what an unboxing video is?? I did not! That is until filmmaker Mike Dougherty tweeted me that he was going to shoot an unboxing video for Tilda. As first, I was like don’t you hurt Tilda Pinkerton!  He assured me he would show her the […]

A 4 Year Old Reads Tilda

I just received this feedback from Addison’s mom. You will love this feedback from my 4 year old – Addison. So, we laid down to read her Tilda Pinkerton book last night and we were only maybe two pages into it – she turns to me and says in very dramatic fashion – “Mommy, this […]

Little Tilda Pinkertons

There are few things a children’s book author loves more than children loving your book! My heart swelled when I got these pictures from Addison and Aidan’s mom. It was a perfect day to receive these too after I got back from a Quiet Owl meeting with elementary school teachers about the Teacher’s Edition of […]

My Mom is Reading Tilda!

Book One of The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton appeared today on Amazon! We had a galley copy here at my house that my mom is reading, but I wasn’t expecting it to show up online so soon! I love marketing, publishing and all the ins and outs! You hear “the book is coming out in […]

Winged Art from a Young Fan

I have been sharing the first book in the chapter book series, Tilda Pinkerton’s Magical Hats ~ by the red tractor mailbox, with a few kids and a few adults. I shared it with a Chaplain in the Air Force and he was very impressed with the message of the book and said he wanted the […]


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