Author, Angela Shelton, incorporated the character of Tilda Pinkerton into an entire line of book projects geared towards a different age group so readers can grow up with Tilda as their vocabulary grows!

The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton Readability Scores:

Flesch Reading Ease score: 70.6 (text scale)
Flesch Reading Ease scored your text: fairly easy to read.

Gunning Fog: 9.8 (text scale)
Gunning Fog scored your text: fairly easy to read.

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 8
Grade level: Eighth Grade.

The Coleman-Liau Index: 9
Grade level: Nineth Grade

The SMOG Index: 7.2
Grade level: Seventh Grade

Automated Readability Index: 9.2
Grade level: 13-15 yrs. old (Eighth and Ninth graders)

Linsear Write Formula : 10.8
Grade level: Eleventh Grade.


Below are some activities to go along with the new Common Core Standards as well as Bloom’s Taxonomy during and after reading The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton in your classrooms, home schools or just for fun.

Use these Activities in your Book Clubs or Classrooms


Download and Print the PDF of a word search of all the characters in Book One.


Bloom’s Taxonomy & Common Core Standards

Below are activities that apply to both Bloom’s Taxonomy and the new Common Core Standards


  • * Create a HAT – make your own hat that represents who you really are – if you could be anything you dreamed of being.
  • * Write the beginning of Book Two.
  • * Write a song about looking for Tilda.
  • * Write a letter to Tilda about the hat you would want and mail it to her.
    (Send it to Tilda Pinkerton c/o Quiet Owl Books P.O. Box 58, Montrose, PA 18801)
  • * Draw a picture of  Karin Kainotophobia, expressing the definition of her name in the drawing.
  • * Draw a picture and write a biography of any of the characters in Tilda.


  • * Look at the Sombrero Galaxy through a telescope and write about whether or not there is life in that galaxy.
    (telescope settings at end of Book One)

Common Core Standards

– Reading: Literature 5th-8th grade

– Writing 5-8th grade

– Speaking & Listening 5-8th grade



What is the theme of Tilda Pinkerton?

  • How does Tilda change over the course of the text?
  • How does Tilda’s relationship with the other characters change?
  • Write a summary of Tilda’s Adventures.
  • Describe the setting of the planet Tilda crashed on and compare it to where her people live.





  • * What did the Mayor need to learn by the end of the book?
  • * Why is Randy so confident that he can find Tilda?
  • * Why would Tilda want to hide her secret under her hat?


Research to Build and Present Knowledge

  • Is there really such a thing as a water bear?
  • Are there really bionic bugs? Who uses them?
  • What is a nebula?
  • How far away is the Sombrero Galaxy?
  • What settings do you have to set your telescope to in order to see it?
  • What is bigger, a star or a planet?
  • What happens when a star explodes?
  • What is a black hole?
  • Are there roving black holes?
  • Is there such a thing as a 3D copy machine? If you had one, what would you copy?


  • What is Tilda Pinkerton’s birth name?
  • On what planet did Tilda and Randy meet?
  • Where is Tilda’s home planet?
  • What is Frank the fish so upset about?
  • What is the name of Tilda’s enemy?
  • What is a water bear?
  • What is the planet Ooleeoo used for?
  • Where did the Mayor’s wife go?
  • What is stored in the World of Paper and Glue?
  • Who received the first hat on Ooleeoo?
  • Who knows where Tilda went?
  • Who is Nancy Nacarat married to?
  • What does Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia mean?

Become a Tilda Teacher

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