Frank Lives in Tilda’s Hat!

Frank the fifth is one of my favorite characters (although Frank the first will always have a soft spot in my heart).  Frank V is in the first chapter book of Tilda and is a descendant of the first Frank who is in the big book.  Both have similar personalities, but Frank V is much more of a flirt as you can see in the above animation.  Both fishes speak French and are highly educated and clever.  Here’s a snippet of Tilda Pinkerton’s Magical Hats ~ by the Red Tractor Mailbox:

As Tilda spoke, Albert could not tear his eyes from her hat. She sported the strangest, most elaborate chapeau: before him was an iridescent green top hat with a fishtank in its center. A bubble-eyed orange-gold fish with sunglasses stared back at him, unblinking, from the water. “That’s Frank the Fifth; he’s a hotshot at sniffing out fact from myth, so try not to lie, he’s easily miffed,” she explained.

Here is the first Frank from the big book series.  Those are the big books that tell all about where Tilda Pinkerton came from.  You can even align your telescope to see the Sombrero galaxy where she came from!

I love my little Frankie fishes so much and can’t wait to share the big book and the little books with you.  There is also a gorgeous picture book on the way so you will have Tilda books for all ages.

By the way, I’m noticing that seniors love the big book the best.


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