Kids Are SO Honest

This past weekend I ran into two little local girls – 10 and 8 – who are big fans of mine. They know Safe Side Superchick and they are very happy about that.

The older one looked up at me excitedly and announced –

I’m reading your book! 

That of course made me VERY excited. I love it when people read my books – especially The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton!

I had just been on a county wide art tour where my mom had bought me a very artistic necklace of a frog. Yes, I had a frog on a lilypad around my neck. It was a perfect talking point to bring up Tilda.


She looked up at me with her very precocious 8-year-old sister beaming with pride and mischief beside her.


Her little sister chimed in.

Me too!

Rolling of the eyes.

No, she’s not. I’m reading it.

I so wanted to hug the two of them. Instead, I pointed to the frog on my necklace.

If you’re reading Tilda, then who’s this?

The older sister put her hands on her hips. She knew the answer. She started at my necklace, then looked up at me confidently.

That’s Gladys.

I squealed. Yes. I squealed. Which caused the two girls to squeal. Which caused heads to turn to look at us.

No big deal, they’re just reading my book.

I announced to the adults in the room. That got some of them talking about my book, which I loved. But I was having so much fun with these little girls. I learned she was on the chapter about the Blue Forest and her favorite character in the book was Tilda herself. She loved that she transformed and that she had red hair. Red hair? I figured that’s the beauty of reading – you can paint the people in the story however you like.

The younger one looked up at me grinning again. She was a little trouble maker.

Yeah, and, you know that picture of you in the back of the book? It doesn’t look like you.

Faint. Recover. Quickly. What did she mean?

Really?  What’s it look like?

She grinned again. She had me.

Not like you.


Well, what kind of picture do you think they should have of me then?

She huffed, hands on her hips, pondering that question.

Maybe I should do a photo shoot with all my hat collection?

I suggested. She shook her head.

No. You have to just be you. Just you.

We smiled at each other.

Just me, huh? And how does that picture look?

She and her sister were both getting a real kick out of this talk. They looked at each other, grinned, giggled and then back at me.

Just be you – with funny glasses. Yeah, you need funny glasses. You’re funny.




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