Reviews of The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton – Book One

The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton Kirkus Review:

Shelton uses high-level vocabulary and wordplay throughout the book, but handy footnotes will let young readers in on the jokes.

“Tilda often speaks in somewhat Seussian rhyme and her personality has a cheery similarity to that of Mary Poppins.”

She’s a great fictional creation that young readers will root for.

“A playful novel full of loveable characters, and a fine start to a new book series.”

Book Blogs and Book Reviewers:

I love everything about this book.

Even the cover is lovable and I’ve spent many minutes just turning the book over in awe of its cover, its lovely little bookmarks, its design, its utter creativity.

If you’re a book-lover with a quirky spirit you will just adore this book.

Reading Book 1 of The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton brought me back to those glorious days of reading things like Judy Blume and Ellen Raskin, when I just loved the act of reading itself and characters became my friends.

This is more than a children’s book or an adult book, but something in between that can feed and delight any imagination.

At heart, it is a verbal play with words – every character name is a fabulous concoction of whoever they are as a character. Quinn, for example, is Quinn Quisquilious, who works with rubbish to make new things. Or Sarah Sacchariferous, who makes things out of sugar. 

It is a funny story, such as the Mayor of the planet Ooleeoo, who says “what on Ooleeoo!” rather than “what on Earth!” But it is also filled with tension, as the crisis approaches at the end of Book 1. In a way, it is part Dr. Seuss, part Star Trek, part Matilda Wormwood, part Harry Potter, and part … well, something new entirely, this book really is a must-read.

It is creative, original, intelligent, and delicious.

The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton is a story of adventure, of inter-galactic crisis, of love, but really, just people being people in a little bitty planet.

It appeals to star-gazers and astronomy nerds, as well as word-geeks, book lovers, and more.

You’ll love Tilda and her secrets, magic, and mystery. And you’ll be glad, like I am, that there is more to come!  The Pish Posh

Reviews on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Silly Rabbit, NOT just for kids …….

Delightfully diverting, enlighteningly engaging and perfectly precious is Tilda’s amnesiac adventure on Ooleeoo. Not only did I value the verbiage but the vibrant visuals kept me captivated. OK, I’ll stop …. As soon as I read the last page I ordered a copy for my niece. I know she’ll love it as much as I did. The down side? – waiting for Book #2 and the movie!

4.0 out of 5 stars In The Place Where Intelligence and Imagination Meet. . .

In the place where intelligence and imagination meet, Tilda Pinkerton thrives.

That place, Ooleeoo, is an utterly delightful place complete with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla fields, creative characters, full-on magic, and a deep well-spring of whimsy. Tilda’s universe is populated with love and language and a deep love FOR language. Any child who dreams of his or her own Oxford English dictionary will be charmed (and yes, those kids do exist). Every chapter has footnotes for new words learned therein, and the book nearly glows with its big heart.

For the right child, the precocious and language-curious, this book will be a treasure.

Tilda herself is a delight with her ability to craft hats that illuminate the special talents in each person who wears them. Who doesn’t wish for someone to not just see their hidden magic but find a way to celebrate and proclaim it to the world? Tilda is just the girl we all need.

Kids will bond with her over her deep love for her pets too.

She is loyal and brave, a heroine with some wicked smarts and a heart of gold.

In the end, this creative imaginative world that Angela Shelton has created is not a bad place to hang out in on a cozy afternoon, particularly if you are a kid who loves fantasy and imaginative leaps of fancy. There is so much going on here for a fertile young mind to enjoy and appreciate. The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton is a unique addition to the world of children’s literature and loyal readers will wait for Book 2 to see Tilda continue her escapades.

Thoroughly Enjoyable Read!

Erin of Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

5.0 out of 5 stars Tilda is Genius!

Angela like Shakespeare used all of life to influence her art! Tilda is a teaching book about truths on many levels, stretching the imagination, showing how important IT is to do what we love! IT is for all ages with information about this world and others, lessons about life, universes, imagination, possibilites, parables, perception, encouragement, overcoming fear and anger, spiritual, educational and an inspiring fantasy!

A lot of whallop Angela was inspired with when she wrote this book.

5.0 out of 5 stars delightful! 

Tilda Pinkerton is off a quest full of fun, suspense and adventure, and the reader is invited to come along. This is an enchanting tale that is going to challenge young readers and delight older readers alike. With characters that have child-like faith foiling the efforts of those who can’t grasp what Tilda is doing with her magical hats, this tale offers parents an opportunity to have a discourse with their young readers on several levels. As an added bonus, the writer also uses a unique device to enrich the reader’s word power. A delightful read!

5.0 out of 5 stars –  The characters of this book are whimsical yet colorful. There is good versus evil mixed in with the innocence and wonder of a child and the jaded anger of misinformed adults. In the end (no spoiler alert here) the reader will be mesmerized by the larger battle of wills.

I recommend this book for all ages 8 and older. A great experience and shared reading adventure for youth and adults alike.

I don’t usually get wooed by a book cover. I also rarely read fantasy, although I did as a child. Books like James and the Giant Peach has stayed with me all these years. I have to admit, I fell for the cover for The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton.  I had to have it! It captured my imagination and reminded me why I read fantasy books as a kid.  I would certainly rank Tilda right up there with James, no question.

Angela Shelton’s imagination is fertile ground for her literary adventure with Tilda.  The writing was so crisp and vivid that the book played like a move in my head.  The characters just jump off the page and come to life.

The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton is also set up as a learning experience for children to build their vocabulary.  So it’s both fun and educational.  I highly recommend this book! So Many Precious Books, book blog

The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton is a book that has it all.

I have to say the cover of this book is one of the best that I have seen in a long time.  I fell in love with it as soon as I opened my mail and could not wait to read this book! Once I dived into the book  I have to say it did not disappoint!

The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton is so well written and entertaining from start to finish.

It was one of those books that I hated to put down and definitely want to share.

The story line is so well thought out and put together that I was pleased  see that this book is just one of many that will come from Tilda Pinkerton.  I love the fact that Angela Shelton wrote a book that is a suitable for both children and adults.  Young and old will both love this book and rest assured if you are looking for a gift for a birthday or for Christmas coming up this book would be perfect!!  Personally I can not wait until my girls are old enough to read it! Two Kids and a Migraine

The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton is imaginative and magical story!

The book is written for children, but is entertaining for adults as well. I’d recommend it for about 4th grade and up. Younger children who aren’t ready to read a long chapter book on their own will probably enjoy having it read aloud to them.

Tilda Pinkerton’s adventure takes place in a fantasy world. The characters and customs are very different than what you’d find here on earth. There is a helpful glossary at the beginning that will help you understand who is who and what is what. Once you start reading, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the story. It can also be very hard to put it down! Sweeps for Bloggers

This is a truly lovely story.

If Dr. Seuss had written a novel it would be just like this

–whimsical, charming, colorful as an artist’s palette, with moral values wrapped in parables like peaches in whipped cream, with epic struggles of good against evil and full of the wonder and wisdom only ever comprehended by the heart of a child.

This story will speak to every child heart aged 8 to 88.

One of the quirks of this story is the blatant flouting of the general ‘wisdom’ that writer’s for minors must avoid long, obscure, and obsolete words or in other words any word over three syllables not in common everyday use by the age group.  Ms. Shelton does not shy from the uncommon vocabulary nor coddle young minds with tepid familiarity in words or deeds or ideas.

I would love to read this story aloud to a young child and watch the wonder light their face and ignite their gleeful giggles when they encounter Gladys Galeanthropy* the toad who purrs because she things she is a cat, Frank Fabulist the fish who speaks French and wears sunglasses against the glare of light emanating from Tilda’s antennae and lighting up his fish tank residing in the crown of Tilda’s hat, walking trees harnessed and ridden like horses, musical notes plucked from the air like fireflies and carried in one’s pocket, chocolate grass, telescopes that spot abandoned ideas and stories and languages cluttering the expanse of night sky, and Tilda Pinkerton herself who drops from the sky in a bubble as a child of seven who speaks in rhyming couplets and transforms into a young woman who knows more than she should about many things but can’t remember where she came from or where she was going when she crashed or why she fears someone she calls her rival. Joy Story book blog

The characters are colorful and quirky, the writing style easy and fun.

And, word geek that I am, I absolutely loved that the story is also a bit of a dictionary: for “big” or “new” words, there are footnoted definitions. Also, most characters have surnames that reflect their personalities. The vocabulary is amazing, and you learn without consciously learning (the best kind). I was sucked into the story, trying to work out the tangles on my own — piecing together clues, and trying to figure out the bad guys versus the good guys before all was revealed. There’s adventure, suspense, a little romance, and a dash of space-y goodness; I look forward to future adventures of Tilda. A Word’s Worth book blog

This charming children’s fantasy takes readers on a journey that will have them laughing in no time.

While written for youngsters, adults can delight in the whimsical tale as well.

Shelton has created such an amazing fantasy world that it draws you in quickly and has you believing it could be real. Her eccentric characters are well-developed with unique traits that make you smile like Gladys the toad who thinks she‘s a cat. The story flows at a steady pace with suspension and humor.

THE ADVENTURES OF TILDA PINKERSTON is an enchanting tale that will delight readers of all ages. It will make a wonderful bedtime book to share with young toddlers, while entertaining older youngsters who read on their own and reigniting the imagination of adults who take a chance on a new adventure.

This is a wonderful book that adults can share and discuss with their youngsters, sparking their own imaginations. Looking forward to Tilda’s next tantalizing adventure. Thoughts in Progress book blog


I truly fell in love with The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton.

This book had me smiling and laughing. What makes it so unique? Well, there are great characters and such, but it all comes down to the words. Yes, words! The names of the characters are based on what they do and their personalities.

The entire book is made up of words that I honestly had no idea of many of the meanings, but Ms. Shelton add the definition of the words at the bottom of the pages they are on. The use of language is extraordinary and so entertaining. I learned many new words and had fun doing so.

This is a great book to use in the classroom.

My mind was flying off in ways it could help kids learn new words and enjoy doing so. Further entertainment came from the rhyming voice of Tilda Pinkerton. Practically everything she says is in a rhyming voice and those around her periodically follow suit. The very presence of Tilda Pinkerton changes everyone’s life.

I had only gotten to chapter 3 and knew this had become one of my all-time favorite books.

I could easily see it as a movie. Great for kids and adults. I’m saying this sincerely as I told so many of my friends about it as I was reading it. I want the next book. Please, Ms. Shelton! Book Lover’s Library book blog

Finally a character in a book that loves words as much as me.

I love Tilda and her zany way of talking.

LOVED it. I thought the foreword where the author tells about her childhood hate of dictionaries followed by a book where I learned new words (and I didn’t know for sure the meaning until I verified it in the definitions and it wasn’t a foreign language… unheard of.. when it’s a real word).  So exciting to have a book so entertaining and enlightening.

I highly recommend this book.

Read it to yourself, read it out loud, read it to your kids, watch your vocabularity grow.  And the best part is no one will know you had so much fun with words. I give this book 5 out of 5 clouds. Books, Books and More Books Book Blog

This was a really fun and unique read!

It’s kind of in between young adult and middle grade…I’d say it’s for kids around 11-14. Tilda was an all around amazing person, and impossible to dislike. Though she landed in a strange place that could have been dangerous for her, she never treated anyone with anything but respect–even those she knew did not approve of the things she did. The fact that she could communicate with all sorts of creatures, from bees to bunnies, made her even cooler.

One thing that I loved so much about this book is that all the names of characters actually described either their profession or what their personality was like. There was Belinda Balletomania, who is charming and loves to dance, and also Ragamuffin Ragmatical, who is a rather ill-behaved twin.

The book also does readers the favor of not only introducing new vocabulary, but defining unfamiliar words in the footnotes at the bottom of the page. I may be 27 years old, but even I learned several new vocabulary words as I read this book. I would recommend this book to readers of any age who want a fun, original magical story with a little bit of everything.Sweet Southern Home book blog

This book had me smiling and laughing – 

– and remembering what is was like to be a kid and have all these fantastic ideas and adventures. It was wonderful to read something completely out of this world. The characters were unique and interesting, but the writing and the words made it for me.

Angela Shelton starts off the novel with a side note talking about her fear of the dictionary, but maybe she’s hinting towards her obsession with words? Because she sure knows how to use them. With character’s name or last name representing something about them she keeps you reading her adventures and captivates you through her imagery and fantasy.

I questioned many times through out the novel how she comes up with these characters and stories.

The vibrant read is something I want to keep and read to my own children as it a timeless tale meant to bring smiles to people of all ages. My Not So Vacant Self book blog

If you pick this book up and manage to put it down without having sore ribs than I suggest you not pick up any more books ever.

I loved Angela Shelton’s Tilda Pinkerton novel. There was such an air of nostalgia to it that I couldn’t help but remember what it was like to read with that child like wonder and carefree attitude.

Tilda Pinkerton reminded me so much of Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee just because of the sheer outrageousness of her character.

I honestly don’t know when the last time I enjoyed such a unique and completely original story.

I thought she was wonderful and her antics had me in stitches so often it was a wonder I could catch my breath at all.

The story, the characters, the world building and all nifty little made up words that Angela created. I loved the adventurous spirit that Tilda embodied. If I were able to go back in time 12 to 13 years ago I think I would have counted this among one of my favourites. Luckily though books know no age restrictions on how old you can be to enjoy something and I do count this as among one of my favourite novels that I’ve read this year simply because it is the book that made me the happiest.

I strongly recommend that everyone should read this novel.

It’s wonderful for those young and old because it has a little bit of everything in it to satisfy the reader in everyone.

I can definitely see this as being a wonderful novel to read aloud to kids or if you have none, to read on a quiet rainy day  curled up on the couch with your favourite hot beverage allowing a sea of nostalgia to wash over you. Turning the Pages book blog

There is lots of adventure of creativity in this story, I loved how the author was able to weave the story together.  This book went very quickly and I didn’t find any slow areas. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next book and where Tilda is?  Definitely a book that can be read in a day!!  Book Lover Stop book blog

I’ve been describing The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton as a “middle reader” but I now think that is a book that the whole family will enjoy.

It is rare when you can find a book that the whole family will truly love, and would read even if they didn’t have other family members to discuss it with but this is one of those rare birds.

In our family a mom, a teen, and a nine year old all read the book (the nine year old needed some help with the 50 cent words…so did the mom!).

In fact two of us read it at the same time which created a “sharing” situation that got a bit heated at times. This book is incredibly descriptive. The worlds come alive in vivid color and make you wonder at the mind behind all this. Angela Shelton has created a world I think most of us wish we could visit, if just for a day. This book is a mish-mash of adventure, mystery and science fiction that will enthrall most readers. Words by Webb book blog

The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton – Book One: Crash-Landing in Ooleeoo is a wordsmith masterpiece by Angela Shelton

— a woman once terrified of dictionaries who now prefaces her book with a “dictionary of characters” ranging from A (Aaron Arachnophobia) to Z (Zalika Zizel Zaftig). (Yes, they’re real words.)

This is a delightful introduction to the adventures of Tilda Pinkerton;

it has the wit of Dr. Seuss, the heart of Mary Poppins, with a magic and soul like nothing else.

Shelton crafts a middle-grade fantasy sci-fi novel in lyrical prose that often rhymes.

She brilliantly maintains a complex dynamic of unusual words, unique characters, magic, science and exquisite twists on universal themes such as love, perception, truth, and identity. (Occasionally something went over my head but I adored the story anyway.)

Following Tilda Pinkerton as she crash-lands on a planet built from the rubbish of many galaxies; as she tries to hide the deformity that separates her from everyone else (her Light Source); and as she inexplicably becomes part of the community that is her new home,

I restored my childhood love for words.

This is the kind of story that was my best friend in my youth, the kind I’d read over and over.

(I couldn’t put it down. The riveting and emotional conclusion had me weeping.)

Both the ebook and paperback are thoughtfully assembled but I recommend the paperback: it’s so beautiful I couldn’t help but smile with that fierce childhood joy of having a book that was mine, and the paperback is more practical.

Note: I recommend skipping the preface “Characters and Places” and referring back to it as needed.

The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton restored my love for the worlds that live within words, and rejuvenated my appreciation of the magic that surrounds (and lives within) us all.

Joanna Celeste from Blog Critics





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