Tilda Pinkerton’s Young Reader Chapter Books for K-3

MagicHatNewcoverwebTilda Pinkerton’s Magical Hats – by the Red Tractor Mailbox Book One

Chapter Books for Young Readers

This series for younger readers follows Tilda Pinkerton as she gifts hats to children after she finally makes it to Earth (read the big books to find out how that happened!)

In each book, Tilda’s hat shop arrives at a new place on Earth like by the Red Tractor Mailbox and in the Middle of the City and her magical hats help people with their various jobs.

Tilda Pinkerton’s Magical Hats – Book One

– by the Red Tractor Mailbox

Eleven-year-old Madison Mae and her younger brother, Albert, want to help save the family farm during troubled times.
When a mysterious Magical Hat Shop appears by their grandpa’s red tractor mailbox, the children meet Tilda Pinkerton who presents them with one-of-a-kind hats, causing new ideas and talents to suddenly burst forth.  
As a flood of harm comes rushing towards the farm, Tilda Pinkerton teaches the children how they can accomplish much more than anyone ever imagined.

Tilda Helps Teachers

We worked with Quiet Owl Books and elementary school teachers to make sure this book series had plenty of activities to apply the NEW Common Core Standards. 

Smart Board Friendly Website


We created the Magic Hat website to provide teachers with smart board resources.

There is a Reading Certificate to print and pass out to congratulate young readers.

Teachers and parents and print out FREE reproducables like the coloring pages from Book One!

There are 344 words and their definitions listed on the site teachers can use in classrooms during and after reading the Tilda chapter books.

The books are sponsored by Folkmanis Puppets so we are filming 344 videos with puppets explaining the definition of each word if fun and creative ways.

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