Tilda Pinkerton is an Advocate for Children

I was featured on Sperk’s Wednesday Woman, written by the Sisterhood of Sensible Moms.
I was so humbled and honored that I had to share a bit of it here and urge you to please go read their blogs.
Here are a few questions they asked me.

1. You are a multimedia whirlwind.

What is the driving theme to your body of work?

My mission is to work on projects that inspire people to live happily ever after – no matter what they’ve been through. That includes healing from past traumas and moving on with our lives. 
That drive shows up in everything I do (hopefully) from my projects to inspire trauma survivors to heal to the books I’m writing to help teachers teach larger vocabulary and concepts. 

2. How does Tilda fit into your body of work?

By writing the Tilda series, I get to practice what I preach— living happily ever after. I’ve had a dream to write books in a barn house for ages.  Now, the series has begun and the space for the house has been selected! I’m doing what I love to do, which is what I try to inspire others to do. 
Plus, Tilda is full of inspiring life lessons. The thing she is most insecure about happens to be what saves the planet and all her friends. There are many people out there sitting on a creative idea out of fear that it’s not good enough when in fact it may just be their most beautiful contribution to the world. 

3. You are an advocate for children.

How does Tilda promote your message?

A publisher told me that Tilda is like a modern Mary Poppins, and I think that fits beautifully. Pinkerton, like Poppins, arrives in all her fabulousness and teaches children to be as great as they possibly can be, despite any adversary – even if the opponents are their own fears, worries, and insecurities. She leaves the places she visits better off than when she arrived. 

Like the work I’ve done in the recovery community, it’s not about me – it’s about the person who hears the message. It’s up to them to move from victim to survivor and then to thriver. I can only point out the pathways I took along the way. Tilda gives you a magical hat. It’s up to you to wear it. 
I would love my children to have a teacher like Tilda – so I wrote her for them! 
Please Read their blog post that made me tear up.

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