Tilda Pinkerton Helps Teachers

In order to create the best possible experience for young readers and teachers, we worked with elementary school teachers to create an extensive teacher’s guide for the Tilda books.

Tilda Pinkerton helps teachers by providing loads of FREE resources.  

Smart Board Resources

The Smart Board Interactive Magic Hat Shop website for the K-3 books was created for teachers and has loads of coloring pages and activities for kids too.

Common Core Standards

Both series of Tilda books are VOCABULARY BUILDERS.

The chapter books for younger readers has a 344 word glossary.

The Teacher’s Guide to the chapter books shows which Common Core Standards apply for extra resources and Tier Time Activities.

The larger books have very advanced vocabulary with a list of Games and Activities for 5th grade and up that incorporate the new common core standards as well as follow Bloom’s Taxonomy. 

Become a Tilda Teacher!

Email us at Etitleman (at) g mail (dot) com to be added to the Tilda’s Teacher list. Just let us know what activities and reproduceables you suggest we include in the upcoming books, Teacher’s Guides, and websites, be available for us to ask you questions about how to help you the most and be an awesome teacher!  It’s easy to be a Tilda Teacher – just love words and kids!

The wonderful teachers who have taken Tilda under their wings are:

April Jones is a first grade teacher at Lathrop Street Elementary School.  She has previously taught both gifted education and second grade.  April’s love for literature dates back to her childhood, as her mother was a volunteer librarian in a small town.  As an educator, April understands the importance of written language in any language arts curriculum.

Lori Keihl is an art teacher in a public elementary school. Her career allows her to be creative every day with her students. She runs a blog called Fun Art 4 Kids.  Check out the awesome projects she is working on.


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