Unboxing Tilda Pinkerton

Have you ever done an unboxing video?

Do you know what an unboxing video is??

I did not!

That is until filmmaker Mike Dougherty tweeted me that he was going to shoot an unboxing video for Tilda.

As first, I was like don’t you hurt Tilda Pinkerton!  He assured me he would show her the upmost love and that an unboxing video was a video of unwrapping or unboxing a package – in this case The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton Book One from Amazon!

Unboxing Tilda

So… who wants to shoot another unboxing video!

This honestly gave me little goose bumps with a huge AWWWW.

Keep the videos and photos coming! I love hearing from you.

And you can also Tweet Tilda too. She’ll tweet you back. She’s enjoying this Twitter thing.

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Actor - Author - Orator. Also Safe Side Superchick and filmmaker of doc Searching for Angela Shelton. Author of The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton.


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