10 Reasons to Wear Hats

I wrote a guest post on the Word’s Worth Book Blog and just had to share an excerpt.

10 Reasons To Wear Hats – While Reading!

My favorite hat!

I love hats. There’s a reason I wrote a book series centered around hats. Above was once my favorite hat. It was destroyed by a… well, I’m trying to say nice things. Let’s just say I cried. I actually cried over a hat, yes I did. But it did inspire the creation of an evil character who hates hats.

Here are some fun reasons to wear hats:

10. Hats Hide Bald Spots

9. Hats Combat Bad Hair Days

8. Thinking Caps Help You Think

7. Wearing Hats Brings Back a Great Era

6. Hats from Other Cultures Can Broaden Your Mind

5. Hats Prevent Illness

4. Hats Celebrate Occasions

3. A Fascinator Makes Words More Fantastic

2. Hats Accentuate Your Good Side

1. Hats Get You into Character

Read the full guest post I wrote on the Word’s Worth Book Blog.

Thank you for loving and taking care of your hats!  I sure miss my favorite one.


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