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On Nov 1st, Tilda Pinkerton started a tour – online.

As an author I was a bit nervous and excited to see how book blogger received Tilda Pinkerton. They did not know me from my past work and were reading Tilda blindly. If I bit my nails I might have, but that is an awful habit and oh the germs you ingest!

So I sat back and watched and am watching every day until late December!

The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton – Book One

Releasing a book is a big deal. Even though it is exciting to watch the process of how it gets out into the world, it can still make an author nervous.

I have been floored, elated, and moved to tears (yes, I did actually tear up) while reading some of the things readers are saying about Tilda.

It’s kind of like going to a new school – which I did oh about 400 times when I was a child – and finally being seen. It’s like having your favorite teacher give you the approving nod.

I love Tilda Pinkerton, but to see others love her too is the best present I could ever get. And a big birthday is about to arrive for me too. Perfect timing.

What Book Bloggers are Saying

If Dr. Seuss had written a novel it would be just like this–whimsical, charming, colorful as an artist’s palette, with moral values wrapped in parables like peaches in whipped cream, with epic struggles of good against evil and full of the wonder and wisdom only ever comprehended by the heart of a child.  This story will speak to every child heart aged 8 to 88. Joy Story

Angela Shelton’s imagination is fertile ground for her literary adventure with Tilda.  The writing was so crisp and vivid that the book played like a move in my head.  The characters just jump off the page and come to life. So Many Precious Books

Young and old will both love this book and rest assured if you are looking for a gift for a birthday or for Christmas coming up this book would be perfect!! Two Kids and a Migraine

The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton is imaginative and magical story! Once you start reading, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the story. It can also be very hard to put it down! Sweeps for Bloggers

Read Tilda Pinkerton on your Kindle for free until Dec 17th if you have Amazon Prime.

Thank you for reading, sharing and gifting others with Tilda Pinkerton.

Hearing from you makes me happy.


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