Can You Write a Book, Work Out and Do Laundry?

Are you trying to write a book or run a blog or get that article done?

Do you have distractions, obligations and responsibilities too?

YES? Me too!

Do you lose weight while writing?

I wish!

I broke my leg last year and gained 30 pounds! While I was laid up in bed I wrote  The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton: Book 1 – Bonus!

I am now working on Book Two while staying in touch with PR and book bloggers reading Book One and working with teachers on the Teacher’s Guide for Tilda Pinkerton’s Magical Hats for younger readers. It’s all a fun type of busy.

But I have to wash and fold the laundry too.

I have lost 20 pounds of that 30 though! Bonus!

When Do You Do Laundry?

I put a load in and give myself the allotted wash and dry time to tackle a writing task or take the puppy on a run around the field. I gave up on gyms long long ago.

But then I have to deal with this:


I used to wake up around six or seven and write for about 2-3 hours. Now we have puppy Emma. She’s fourteen weeks old and yes, she sleeps in the bed with us. My husband is a big softie.

I wake up like this:

When your face is a pillow

Work Out or Walk?

I COULD just send her out to do her morning routine while I jump on my laptop. I also want that last 10 pounds gone, so… I thought of doing squats while she squats. It’s harder than I thought. Sometimes I give myself a break and just walk – I’m still moving!

When Do You Write?

I must grab the laptop as soon as puppy begins to get sleepy. My writing time now centers around nap time. I’m working on giving up portions of my Twitter and Facebook habit (please feed my habit by liking the pages to the right!).

It’s hard to write with paws on your keyboard. For some reason if I get on the floor with her as she plays she will lay down and let me type.  She’s an understanding dog. I could do sit ups or something during this time but I usually opt for a paragraph or two.


My husband has mastered the art of laptop and lap dog much better than I have.


I get the least work out time and most writing time when the baby is like this:
Let sleeping dogs be covered in a blanky

I weighed in at two pounds lighter today too so my fanny is much happier to sit and write another fantasy.

The good news is that puppy Emma (who has her own Facebook page) inspires new books just by being her cute little country dog self.



I’m late for the 8 Week Challenge but there’s nothing like joining halfway into it.

Pish Posh Challenge
1) Be Honest – tell one funny story or struggle each week about your goals
2) Get Fit – give up one bad habit, and replace with a better one
3) Have Fun –  share and be shared, visit each other and leave comments


  1. Jules McMurray says:

    Your puppy is adorable!!!

  2. I’m in love with your puppy. We just lost our dog at 14 last month so this brings back memories. I remember those crazy puppy days!

    Sounds like you have a lot going on but getting out and moving (even if it’s just to tire out dog) is still moving and 2 pounds is great. You’re almost to your 30 pounds!

    • So sorry about your baby – we lost our 13 yr old in June and had not planned on a new puppy for a long time BUT then we saw Emma and she took our hearts. I had a dream that our Norma brought Emma to us too – they were in a photo shoot together.

      And yes, I’ve almost lost that ‘broken leg’ weight!

  3. What a cute little dog and as soon as you figure out how to get all that done and still have time to write you let me know! I have three toddlers and a puppy lol…HAHAHAHA. Oh man. Seriously sometimes I wonder if I’m still sane.

    Lost twenty pounds and wrote a book! Impressive! I hope you can find sometimes between puppy love and domestic duties to write book two 🙂

  4. What if Emma had her own laptop? One of my cats wants to be on me all the time, so I got him his own office chair (and cushion) so he can sit right beside me when I’m on the computer. It kinda works some of the time…

    Nice work losing the broken leg weight! I gained weight after spraining my ankle a couple months ago, and it’s taking its sweet time slinking away.

    Welcome to the challenge… 🙂

    • Oh, that is genius!

      And it sucks having sprains and breaks add more than just pain, right?

      I discovered the challenge once it was halfway over so… maybe I only need to lose 5. Hmmm…

  5. Oh I can’t even stand how cute Emma is! She is a happy, spoiled doggy and I love it 🙂 I loved all the pictures…I have an adult dog and in no way could handle a puppy right now, so I like to live vicariously through other people and their puppies 🙂

    Good job on the weight loss and welcome to the challenge!

  6. ThePishPosh says:

    God she’s so cute!! I think I’ve said that before 😉 But I can’t help it she’s just so cute. She looks just like a girl we had, Ashleigh, many moons ago. Congrats on losing the 20 – here’s to the last 10!! 🙂

  7. Emma. is. adORable!!! So stinkin’ cute. 🙂 I say good for you, on your progress so far, and on getting ANYTHING done with a creature that precious in your house!

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